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Welcome to our collection page

Further down you may decide how to approach and search for objects in our varied collection of 17th and 18th century Dutch Delftware. You may also simply browse and discover our collection at random by clicking the browse button below. Note that only part of our collection is presented on our website and we urge you to contact us if you are looking for a specific objects. We might actually have it or know where it is hidden.

1783 Polychrome Delftware Plate
1876 3
2099. Blue and White Tea Canister
Polychrome Delftware figures of oriental women
Blue and white Delftware flower vase
Delftware polychrome plaque bouquet
Brown-glazed teapot
Polychrome Delftware butter tubs stags
Blue and white plaque Delftware
Blue and white Delftware plaque
antique polychrome aronson puzzle jug
1903. Majolica Polychrome Plate
Pair of blue and white octagonal vases
Delft Polychrome and Gilded Large Dish, circa 1710
1976. Polychrome Group of Two Gentlemen in a Boat
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