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Polychrome Delftware blackberry tureens

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Polychrome Delftware blackberry tureens


D2156. Pair of Blackberry Tureens, Covers and Stands

Delft, circa 1760

Marked HVH 3 in blue for Hendrik van Hoorn, the owner of De Drie Posteleyne Astonne (The Three Porcelain Ash-Barrels) factory from 1759 until 1804, and various numerals in blue

Naturalistically modeled, the tureens and stands each formed as overlapping green serrated leaves veined in blue and edged in yellow, and the covers formed as a mound of manganese berries surmounted by a single berry forming the knop and encircled by smaller leaves.

Heights: 12.5 cm. (4.9 in.)

Salomon Stodel Antiquités, Amsterdam, 1990;
The Van der Vorm Collection, The Netherlands

Similar examples
Three pairs of blackberry tureens of this model with stands, are illustrated in Lavino 2002, pp. 150 (top and bottom, left and right) and 155; and a single example, with a blue and white stand, is illustrated by Morley-Fletcher, McIlroy 1984, p. 218, no. 2. Another pair without stands, also marked for Hendrick van Hoorn, is illustrated in Aronson 2007, p. 56, no. 41; and a comparable unmarked pair with stands is illustrated in Aronson 2006, ill. 23.

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