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D2442. Pair of Polychrome Armorial Plates

Delft, circa 1760

Painted in petit feu colors of green, iron-red, yellow and pink, with details in black and gold, the center decorated with two unidentified coat of arms, with on the left a running hare on a green ground and on the right in an oval medallion a sailing ship with a fisher and raised Dutch flags in red, white and blue touched by a sea horse on the left, the coat of arms surrounded by green and iron-red foliage around a dotted red surface on both sides, crowned by a black horse head looking left, the rim with four cartouches with lacework in black, a red and yellow flower, green foliage and a red dotted surface near the rim alternated by small flowering branches in pink, yellow, red and green.

Diameter: 23 cm. (9 in.)

Collection Etienne Delaunoy, Amsterdam;
Aronson Antiquairs, Amsterdam, 1993;
Dutch private collection, 2023

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