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D2439. Polychrome Figural Wine Cistern

Delft, circa 1760

Modeled as a gentleman wearing a blue hat decorated with green leaves and yellow flowers crowning his curly blue hair, a dark manganese-buttoned red coat paired with green, manganese breeches, wearing yellow trousers and blue socks, each subtle decorated with a candle, his right hand raised, holding a blue goblet and and his left hand holding a manganese bottle, seated astride a blue and white barrel with manganese accents, on the front inscribed with ‘leckere wijn’ the back with ‘rinsewijn’, supported on the green top of an arched base painted with flowerheads and bands with c-scrolls.

Height: 34.8 cm. (13.7 in.)

French Private Collection, Paris, 2023 (Provenance+)

A similar model wine cistern is depicted in Aronson 2003, pp. 33-34. Marked IP for Johannes Pennis Sr., owner of De Porceleyne Schotel (The Porcelain Dish) factory from 1723 through 1763.

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