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D2102. Blue and White Octagonal Sugar Caster


Delft, circa 1710

After a silver original, the pronounced baluster-form body painted on the front with a chinoiserie figure standing before pierced rocks and a garden fence amidst bamboo and flowering shrubbery, the reverse with a floral sprig, and the faceted foot with floral devices above a scalloped line, the integral tapering upper section pierced with small holes and variously shaped slits around pendent foliage between two horizontal ridges and surmounted by a blue conical knop, the underside pierced with a circular aperture for filling it with sugar.

Height: 16 cm. (6.3 in.)

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This form is based on a metal model, generally silver, which remained popular on the Continent and in England from the early eighteenth century onward and was used for both pepper and sugar.



    • Overall in good condition
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