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D1431. Polychrome and Gilded Plate


Delft, circa 1715

Painted in a modified Kakiemon palette of iron-red, salmon, green and black and gold with an oriental pavilion behind a garden fence on the right, and on the left with three winged insects flitting around a flowering tree peony growing behind a stylized pierced rock amidst grasses within an iron-red demi-ruyi-head-bordered roundel, the rim with a border of overlapping petals issuing small gilt foliate devices and interrupted by twelve foliate lappets alternately centering leaves or demi-flowerheads amidst gilt rolls, and the reverse with six small iron-red floral and foliate sprigs around the rim.

Marked WK in iron-red for Willem van der Kool, the owner of De 3 Porceleyne Flessen (The Three Porcelain Bottles) factory from 1700 to 1716, or his wife Anna Maria Schreveliius – Van der Kloot, who operated the factory subsequently until 1745

22.3 cm. (8.8 in.)

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While De 3 Porceleyne Flessen was not one of the larger Delft factories, Anna Maria Schrevelius – Van der Kloot, who became its owner from 1716 to 1745, after the death of her husband Willem van der Kool, was known to have had many international contacts, and the quality of her factory’s products, particularly the gold-decorated pieces, was sufficiently high to be entirely competitive with those of the larger and more famous De Grieksche A (The Greek A) Factory, which from 1722 to 1758 was owned by her brother-in-law Jacob van der Kool.


  • Minor rim abrasions
  • Overall in good condition

Delivered in its custom box
Plate hanger and stand included

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 10 cm
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