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D8830. Pair of Cashmere Palette Octagonal Rouleau Vases

Delft, circa 1710

Both marked PAK No 8 in iron-red for Pieter Adriaensz. Kocx, the owner of De Grieksche A (The Greek A) Factory from 1701 to 1703, or his widow Johanna van der Heul, the owner from 1703 to 1722

Each painted with a long-tailed bird in flight near two others perched on a blade of grass growing behind a pierced rock amidst peonies and chrysanthemums, the upper body with a deep border of four foliate lappets terminating in a blossom and pendent from a larger peony blossom issuing further foliage forming connecting panels of flowers, and the flaring rim encircled with an iron-red whorl band.

Height: 21.9 cm. (8 5/8 in.)


Etienne Delaunoy, Amsterdam;

The Frits Philips Collection, ‘De Wielewaal’, Eindhoven, Brabant

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