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•D2435. Polychrome Octagonal Shaped Plaque

Delft, dated 1752

Marked on the reverse with unidentified initials ‘B.VD:D’, A: 1752 and indistinctive J, possibly MK followed by 8 or B : D

Painted in blue, green, iron-red, manganese and yellow with two exotic birds perched on a flowering branch, issuing from behind a rock in a fenced garden, the self-molded frame with a yellow-ground border decorated with a band of foliate scrolls, a double red-lined band above, followed by a white-ground border with cartouches with a demi-flower alternated with demi-blossoms on a trellis diaper-work ground, the top affixed with a molded shell-shaped pediment pierced with a hole for suspension.

Height: 22 cm. (8.7 in.)
Width: 24 cm. (9.5 in.)

French Private Collection, Paris, 2023 (Provenance+)

The design on the present object appears on other plaques, suggesting the existence of a pouncing stencil that was used to reproduce the motifs. This technique involves transferring a design by dusting a fine charcoal powder known as ‘pounce’ through the perforation in the stencil, leaving a dotted outline on the surface beneath. The charcoal powder burns off during the glost firing.

Examples of similarly decorated plaques include a blue and white plaque, sold at Christies in November 2010 with lot number 77, and a polychrome octagonal one sold in June 2004 with lot number 136.

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