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•D2353. Pair of Polychrome Models of Recumbent Horses

Delft, circa 1760

Each with a blue-spotted hide and blue-lined ears, covered with a yellow and iron-red patterned blanket, modeled affronté, lying on the green grassy top of a domed and tapering rectangular base with blue and iron- red marbleized decoration on the sides.

Heights: 13.5 cm. ( 5.3 in.)

The color pattern of the present pair of horses must have been particularly popular as several Delftware factories seem to have produced horses in these colors. However, often the horses would be standing with one hoof raised, a recumbent pair of horses is rather uncommon. A pair of prancing horses with the LPK mark of De Porceleyne Lampetkan (The Porcelain Ewer) factory is illustrated by Lunsingh Scheurleer 1975, p. 325, ill. 388. Another pair with the AP mark of Anthonij Pennis of De Twee Scheepjes (The Two Little Ships) factory, is illustrated in Aronson, Delfts uit de 17e en 18e eeuw, 1987, ill. 2; a third pair similarly marked is illustrated by Lavino 2002, pp. 67 and 170; and a fourth pair with the axe mark of De Porceleyne Byl (The Porcelain Axe) factory is illustrated in Aronson, 2004, p. 147, no. 169. An unmarked pair decorated predominantly in blue is illustrated in Aronson, 2005, p. 45, no. 42; a pair very similar to the present horses is illustrated in Aronson 2007, pp. 58-59, no. 43; and a single white example is illustrated by De Jonge 1965, p. 345, ill. 219.

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