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Cow tureen


•D1961. Pair of Polychrome Recumbent Cow Tureens, Covers and Saucers

Delft, circa 1765

The saucers marked AP in blue for Anthony Pennis, the owner of the De Twee Scheepjes (The Two Ships) factory from 1764 to 1770, the tureens and covers with numerals 1 and 2

Each cover modeled as a blue-spotted cow with yellow horns and an orange tongue, lying on a naturalistically molded grassy mound above the dark blue tureen and stand molded in relief with flowers and foliage picked out in iron-red, manganese, yellow and green.

Heights: 14 cm. (5.5 in.)

Provenance: Aronson Antiquairs, Amsterdam, 1996; Dutch Private Collection

Literature: Described and illustrated in Aronson 1996, no. 26

Similar examples: A comparable tureen and cover, but lacking a stand, in the collection of the Gemeentemuseum, The Hague (inv. no. OC(D) 29-1920), is illustrated in Van Aken-Fehmers 2001, p. 312, ill. 102.

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