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From Monday Jan. 20th through Monday Feb. 3rd we will be in New York for The Winter Show. During that time you may also reach us on cell 646-415-2561.


D8804. Polychrome Rectangular Plaque

Delft, circa 1755

Signed G.Vhaast

Painted in the characteristic palette of shades of blue, green, turquoise, grey, tan, brown, white, flesh tones and touches of yellow with David bearing his sword and the head of Goliath, walking away from a platoon of soldiers holding spears and shields and approaching a group of the women of Israel playing musical instruments, singing and dancing near the arched door of a masonry building, signed G VHaast. in yellow in the grassy foreground.

Size: 24.4 x 29.4 cm. (9 5/8 x 11 9/16 in.)

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