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From Monday Jan. 20th through Monday Feb. 3rd we will be in New York for The Winter Show. During that time you may also reach us on cell 646-415-2561.


•D1856. Pair of Polychrome Milking Groups

Delft, circa 1760

Each cow with a blue-spotted white hide, a blue forelock, tail, eyes and mouth with an iron-red lapping tongue, yellow horns and hooves, wearing garlands of manganese, iron-red and yellow flower and green leaves around its neck and back, and modeled affronté, standing foursquare and being milked by a maid wearing a manganese hat, a yellow bodice and manganese and white skirt or a youth wearing a manganese broad-rimmed hat, a blue coat and manganese breeches, each seated with a pail between his or her feet at the canted low green base with the top molded with frogs and leaves.

Heights: 16.5 and 15.5 cm. (6.5 and 6.1 in.); Lengths: 23 and 24.7 cm. (9 and 9.7 in.)

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