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•D1730. Polychrome and Gilded Puzzle Jug

Delft, circa 1725

Painted on the front with a Chinese boy seated and reaching for the prunus branch held by his two dancing companions, the sides with a sinuous flowering branch above a floral and foliate lappet border around the lower body, the neck pierced with floral and foliate motifs and affixed with a blue tube issuing three spouts and continuing into the leaf- and scroll-decorated tubular loop handle.

Heights: 14.8 cm. (5.8 in.)

The Dr. Günther Grethe collection, Hamburg until 2003;
Aronson Antiquairs, Amsterdam, and bearing the original label;
The collection of Benjamin F. Edwards III (paper label) until 2010, Christie’s New York, 26th January 2010, lot 275;
Aronson Antiquairs, Amsterdam;
The Joseph M. Morpurgo Collection, Amsterdam

Literature: Illustrated in Aronson Antiquairs, Dutch Delftware, The Dr. Günther Grethe Collection, Amsterdam, 2004, p. 119, no. 137, and Aronson Antiquairs, Dutch Delftware, Facing East: Oriental sources for Dutch Delftware Chinoiserie Figures, Amsterdam 2010, p. 84. no. 45.


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