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Thank you for your visit at The Winter Show in New York and at Art Affair in Amsterdam.
From June 25 through 30 we will exhibit at TEFAF Maastricht.
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• D1505. Majolica Polychrome Armorial Plate

Haarlem, 1620-40

Painted in the center in ochre, blue and green with the arms, helmet and demi bird crest within elaborate foliate-scroll mantling, the cavetto with three blue concentric lines, and the rim with blue dot-edged green flowerheads alternating with similar ochre flowerheads with circlet-molded centers, all issuing blue scrolls within the ochre ‘piecrust’-edge, the reverse lead-glazed.

Diameter: 25 cm. (9 7/8 in.)

The shape of this plate with its rim molded with ‘bosses’ (the circlets) within a ‘piecrust’ edge, would have been taken from a metal prototype, and the painted border itself, utilizing the bosses as the centers of the flowerheads, may also have been inspired by engraved silver or other metal dish rims. The front and reverse of a biscuit fragment from a rim of this shape is illustrated in Korf 1968, photograph 2, and also shown in the drawing, no. 6, depicting the profile of a dish with this rim shape, which the author has ascribed to the first quarter of the seventeenth century.



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