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• D0520. Cashmire Palette Tulip Vase

Delft, circa 1710

Marked LVE 1 0 X in iron-red for Lambertus van Eenhoorn, the owner of De Metale Pot (The Metal Pot) Factory from 1691 until 1721

With five knopped nozzles painted with floral sprigs and diamond-and-scroll devices and rising from a lobed body painted on either side with a Chinese hilly river landscape within an oval panel surrounded by a blue-ground floral border and panels of iron-red hatchwork and trellis diaperwork, the ends painted with flowering prunus and leafy plants above a rectangular foot encircled by bands and a dotted-scallop border.

Height: 19.4 cm. (7 5/8 in.)
Length: 25.1 cm. (9 7/8 in.)



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