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From June 1st, Rendez-vous in the gardens of the Paleis Het Loo

From 1 June till 30 September

From June 1st, the beautiful replicas of Dutch Delftware vases are back in the gardens of the palace. The vases are produced based on three existing authentic vases, that were made in the 17th century for the first residents of Paleis Het Loo, King-Stadholder William III and Queen Mary. Reintroducing the vases in the palace gardens in 2016 was the finishing touch to the garden renovation.

Delftware vases were a very exclusive element in 17th-century Baroque gardens; they were filled with rare and precious plants, such as orange trees and pineapple plants. It was Queen Mary who laid the foundation for making Delftware a national Dutch icon. Unfortunately, all that remains of the original vases at Het Loo are broken pieces. Three original royal vases were found at various places in Europe – at Erddig Hall in Wales, at Schloss Favorite in Baden-Württemberg and in France – which served as example for the manufacturing of the vases in the palace gardens.

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