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Frytom at Royal Delft Museum

Aronson Antiquairs is proud to have co-created the exhibition ‘From Ruisdael through Frytom’ at the recently founded

Royal Delft Museum, Rotterdamseweg 196, Delft

From November 8th through March 15, 2023, the recently founded Royal Delft Museum in the city of Delft will present the exhibition From Ruisdael through Frytom, 17th century art or craft? The exhibition probably shows the largest number of Frytom objects – both plaques and plates – that were ever brought together. The last exhibition on the subject was held in 1968, more than half a century ago.

De Porceleyne Fles, the location of this exhibition, was founded in 1653, during a period in which Dutch landscape painting was an important genre and inspiration for Frytom and contemporary painters on canvas and panel, such as Jacob van Ruisdael. De Porceleyne Fles has always been a place where craft is valued and appreciated. But what exactly constitutes a craft, and when does craft become art? Was there such a strong distinction between them in the time of Ruisdael and Frytom as there is today? To shed light on these questions, this exhibition places the work of Frederik van Frytom alongside that of contemporary landscape painters.

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