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Armorial plate

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D2010. Pair of Blue and White Armorial Plates

Delft, circa 1700

Each marked CW in blue for Cornelis Witsenburgh, the master of De Witte Ster (The White Star) factory from 1696, and the foreman from 1699 onwards

Painted with a lion rampant within a central crowned armorial oval shield between eagle supporters on rocky mounds, the rim with a meandering flowering vine border interspersed with hounds chasing hares.

Diameters: 26 cm. (10.2 in.)

Aronson Antiquairs, Amsterdam, 1997;
The Van der Vorm Collection, The Netherlands

According to W. Hoekstra, 2007, p. 34, as a partner in De Witte Ster from September 1690 onwards, Witsenburgh introduced his son Cornelis in 1696 as meester (master) of the factory, which had a considerable number of employees. Three years later, Cornelis became the foreman of De Witte Ster factory. The coat of arms on this pair of plates is probably that of Van Tienhoven, of Amsterdam and The Hague.

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