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D1536. Pair of Polychrome Figures of Seated Monkeys

Delft, circa 1715

One marked LVE and both marked C o in iron-red for Lambertus van Eenhoorn, the owner of De Metaale Pot (The Metal Pot) Factory from 1691 until 1721

Of the same model, each with a blue-delineated green coat, wearing a blue tricorn hat with an iron-red cockade and an iron-red-fringed white waistcoat patterned with iron-red and blue flowering vines, modeled smoking a pipe held in his left paw, his right paw touching his right hip, and seated on a blue mound above a tripod pedestal, its upper edge with a blue-dotted iron-red and green guilloche border above rows of blue and iron-red scalloped fluting between the blue-edged green molded C-scroll at each corner terminating in a blue and green bulbous paw foot.

Height: 16.8 cm. (6 5/8 in.)

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