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Blue and White Cartouche-shaped Rectangular Tray

Every month we present you a special object from the Aronson Antiquairs’ collection. This month, we would like to highlight this blue and white tray, as discussed in the main article in our newsletter from April 2024.

Trays have been utilized for serving drinks and food since ancient times. The prevalence of trays in daily life is apparent from numerous depictions in interior paintings. An illustrative example is an anonymous painting portraying Abel Wierds Wiarda (1724-1790) and Antje Sjoerds Hoitinga with their daughters, dated 1769, showcasing a tray of a similar design in silver on a table. However, within the category of faience household items produced in Delft, trays are rare. It is possible that wood and silver were favored materials as they are more durable than ceramics.

Read more about the maker of this vase, in-depth-article from April 2024.

Rectangular Tray, Delft circa 1760

Blue and White Cartouche-shaped Rectangular Tray
Delft, circa 1760

Decorated in the center with a man and women around a garden table with a draped table cloth, drinking and smoking pipe, trees behind the figures under a cloudy sky, the raised rim decorated with lambrequin ornaments consisting of demi-flowers and foliates, alternated with trellis.

Width: 30.5 cm. (12 in.) Hight 27 cm. (10.6 in.)

A slightly later tray of the same shape, painted with a biblical scene was sold at Christie’s in November 2012. The tray is painted with the same details of grass and foliate elements, facial characteristics and the distinctive light center of the trees.

€3.500 (US$3,700)*

(*) export prices denoted with shipment by us outside of the European Union, price including packing and shipping, please contact us for details.

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