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Evaluating art is an art in itself. Apart from differentiating between original or fake, ever fluctioating markets, worldwide economical or political changes, upcoming auctions or collections about to be sold all have their influence on the value of art. So how does it work? An art dealer will follow all the above mentioned trends and take into consideration historical prices. As a dealer in general invests his or her own money in an art object he or she will take care to pay the right price.

Robert Aronson has been active in the art world since 1990 and was brought up around antiques, often going to auctions, art fairs and collectors as a child. As the Herald Tribune wrote in March 2009: “A passion for Dutch Delftware, and 128 years of expertise Aronson, the fifth-generation owner of the company […] has given this old business a modern twist rarely seen in the antique business.” Robert Aronson is fully qualified to give you an up to date value of your object. We can differentiate for estate evaluation, insurance, museum donations or other.

You may have your object evaluated in several ways;

  • Our new online Appraisal Form;
  • Tussen Kunst & Kitsch | Antiques Road Show

    Robert Aronson has been member of the main expert panel of Tussen Kunst & Kitsch since 2002. His speciality is European Ceramics from 1600-1900. To purchase tickest for the taping of one of the shows, please visit Once at the show you may have a maximum of three items evaluated at no extra charge.
  • Personal verbal evaluation

    If you cannot visit one of the Tussen Kunst & Kitsch days, you may make an appointment, visit the gallery and meet Robert Aronson. If no further research needs to be done, such a verbal evaluation will cost €90 excluding 21% BTW/VAT per item, with a maximum of three items.
  • Written evaluations | larger collections
    We may always discuss with you and quote you for a written evaluation. These evaluations are usually charged at an hourly rate, but full day or week rates may be available. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.
  • Federatie TMV

    This Dutch federation of appraisers, brokers and auctioneers may give you the name and details of another evaluator in your area.The federation is located at:
    Strawinskylaan 3037
    1077 ZX Amsterdam
    Tel: +31 (0)20-6202385
    Please be aware that such an evaluation always incurs a charge.
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