Aronson Antiquairs announces participation in TEFAF  | New York | Fall 2016

AMSTERDAM September 1, 2016 - Aronson Antiquairs of Amsterdam announces with pleasure participation in the inaugural fair TEFAF  | New York | Fall 2016.

TEFAF Maastricht, Europe’s most prestigious fair, will debut in Manhattan this year under the name TEFAF  | New York | Fall. It is a joint venture between TEFAF Maastricht and Artvest Partners. For its its inaugural edition, taking place at the historic Park Avenue Armory from Friday, October 21 through Wednesday, October 26, 2016 93 leading dealers of fine art, design, furniture and jewellery from antiquity through the early 20th Century are selected.

At TEFAF  | New York | Fall Aronson Antiquairs will present a spectacularly rare and important addition to their collection; a pair of large tureens modelled as swans.

The tureens are marked GVS for Geertruij Verstelle, the owner of Het Oude Moriaenshooft (The Old Moor’s Head) factory in Delft from 1761 to 1769. Dated to 1765, the tureens were made in a period when dining à la Française swept through Holland. Therefore a wide range of table wares to complement the numerous dishes set out on the dining table became necessary. It is no surprise that the shape of a swan was chosen by the Delft potters. As early as the late medieval period the king of the waterfowl was the main ingredient in a savory pie, which formed the showpiece of the grandest dinner tables. Since the hunt for this game bird was restricted to wealthy landowners and the nobility, the protected swan became a culinary status symbol. By accommodating the latest fashions and the new taste of the nobility and the wealthy bourgeoisie for adorning their tables with brightly colored zoomorphic and naturalistically modeled objects, the Delft potters left an unexcelled legacy that still impresses and delights.

Robert Aronson, fifth generation owner of the 135 year old Dutch firm, has already a long history with these large swan tureens. Once they were a special trouvaille of his grandfather, one that was welcomed by the family with great enthusiasm. They were exhibited in the center of the Aronson Antiquairs stand in a large showcase at the Delft art and antiques fair in the 1980’s and immediately acquired by a appreciative Belgian couple. As Robert Aronson adds “I had only been able to admire the pair and the rest of the collection on a few occasions with both my grandfather and subsequently my late father. The swans were an important focal point in the dining room and the Belgian couple had no intention of parting with them”. But now, after almost 35 years of enjoyment, the time seemed right, especially as they wanted to witness the full cycle of passing these works of art along to the next generation of collectors. Robert Aronson, who celebrated his 25th anniversary with the company last year, is pleased and privileged to offer this unique pair of swan tureens, that each measure 12 inches (30.5 cm.) in length and 11 inches (28 cm.) in height.

Dutch Delftware has been handmade in Holland for more than 400 years. It began when trade with Italy, Spain and Portugal brought earthenware to the Netherlands. By the seventeenth century the Dutch East India Company had introduced Europe to Chinese porcelain and exports flourished as the West strived to duplicate the Chinese formula for fine blue and white porcelain. When war in China interrupted the trade, potters in Delft expanded their businesses to create earthenware versions of ‘porcelain.’ At the height of production The Guild of Saint Luke counted almost 40 factories in the small city of Delft. They were innovative and adapted to fill the needs of clients all over Europe, with the elegant term ‘faience’ becoming synonymous with ‘delftware.’ The word “Delftware” has long been associated with a visit to Holland.

For over 135 years Aronson Antiquairs has sought to carry the very finest examples of Delft in the full range of forms and patterns, from the extremely rare black Delft to Japanese Imari designs and the instantly recognizable blue and white and Chinoiserie motifs in dishes, figures, vases, bowls and plaque forms. Robert Aronson serves on the Executive Board of TEFAF and is chairman of the Royal Dutch Antique Dealers Association. He recently provided sponsorship support to the Gemeentemuseum in The Hague to show a distinguished collection of antique Delft titled “Delftware Wonderware.”


“Large Pair of Swan Tureens”
October 21 – 26 2016

TEFAF  | New York | Fall

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Passion for Dutch Delftware

When Chinese porcelain was introduced in Europe around 1600 it ignited the production of ceramics in the Dutch city of Delft. Rapidly the most skilful Delft factories, such as De Grieksche A, De Paeuw or De Porceleyne Fles, led the production and decoration of Delft faience to such a degree of perfection that its success spread around the entire European continent and even back to China (history).

Since 1881 and over five generations Aronson Antiquairs has shared the passion for Dutch Delftware with private collectors and museum and corporate curators around the world. The Aronson family members have strived to gain and maintain the confidence of its clientele to collect the finest Delftware available.


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