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Polychrome Group

Delft, circa 1750

Height: 18.7 cm. (7 3/8 in.)


When Europe met China after 1602 there was Dutch Delftware. Aronson Antiquairs | founded 1881 has for generations shared the passion for Dutch Delftware with private collectors and museum curators around the world. Robert Aronson, specialist in 17th and 18th century Dutch Delftware and a “master in Delft blue”, according to magazine Residence, has “some of the world’s most sought-after example of rare Dutch Delftware” ( The Financial Times recently wrote that Delft at Aronson’s are “collectables to be discovered” and the Wall Street Journal calls them “exquisite antique examples” in their article “Delight in blue and white.” Find out more about our exhibitions.

principal sponsor of the website, the exhibition DelftWare WonderWare, and the accompanying publication, we are appreciative of the marvellous cooperation with the Gemeentemuseum of The Hague.


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“At Aronson of Amsterdam, there are brilliant examples of Dutch delftware ... (If you thought delft was all blue and white, you're wrong.)”

The New York Times

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