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D2436. Blue and White Cartouche-Shaped Plaque

Delft, circa 1760

The center painted in blue, from bottom to top with three distinct scenes, depicting an outdoor fencing-scene among powder barrels, above a scene with strategic instructions beside a cannon, and the topmost scene illustrates the preparation for the firing of a cannon; the rim adorned with a white leaf band on a blue ground, the top pierced with two holes for suspension.

Width: 31 cm. (12 in.)
Height: 37 cm. (14.5 in.)

H.C. van Vliet, Amsterdam
Bernhard Stodel, Amsterdam;
Collection Cornelis Paulus van Pauwvliet, Amsterdam (1937-2022), 2023

This emblematic and unique plaque captures attention through its distinctive subject matter. The figures seem to be sourced from prints associated with military exercise. Noteworthy parallels can be observed in prints from Jacques Callot (1592- 1635) from the series ‘Les exercices militaires’. The creative output of Callot has influenced artisans at Meissen and Villeroy, which lends credibility to the assumption that his work was likely known by Delft potters as well.

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