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D2391 Flower Vase Delft 1690 Adrianus Kocx

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•D2391. Monumental Blue and White Decorative Flower Vase

Delft, circa 1690

The two large components marked AK for Adriaenus Kocx, the owner of the De Grieksche A factory from 1686 to 1701


The wide-spreading base is sequentially decorated with a band of stylized foliage, followed by a band of alternating contoured and contourless triangular ornaments. The inner ring is formed by a connected band of opposing triangular shapes with a stylized flower within. The tapered base is adorned with various ornaments, above which is a lambrequin border, connected by ruyi ornaments. Above the waist, there is a bulbous rim with four medallions filled with a floral motif, alternating with foliage. Above this is a serrated border, each with a floral branch, in between which, on a blue background at the top and bottom, is a reserved leaf. The notched border above consists of a connected leaf and flower motif. It is rounded with a slightly protruding rim with alternating triangular ornaments.

The bulbous vase is painted on one side with three putti amidst a lavish bouquet of flowers, including lilies and a tulip. On the other side, there are two putti amidst a flower compilation composed of other flowers, including a delphinium and a chrysanthemum. Between these two sides are insects and a bird surrounding a smaller floral area. The lambrequin border above is interrupted at various points by the attachment of the blue twisted serpentine handles. Above it is a connected band of opposing triangular shapes with a stylized flower within, followed by a connected floral border. The bulbous, slightly protruding rim above has cartouches with a floral decoration between the attachments of the blue serpentine-shaped handle ends, alternating with white reserved foliage and floral work on a blue background. On the ring-shaped compartment connecting the spout section to the bulbous vase, there are various connected bands with different decorations. The top consists of a central bulbous spout with foliage and a blue reserved leaf motif and medallions with a blue flower, surrounded by six lower situated spouts, each with a stylized tulip.

91 cm. (35 13/16 in.)

An English Private Collection

There are only five complete flower holders of this model known, of which three are marked for Adrianus Kocx. A single flower holder is in the collection of Chatsworth, The Devonshire Collection (inventory number 141). This flower holder is marked for Adrianus Kocx and stands at 104 cm (40.9 inches) in height. Like many other flower vases, this vase features the decoration of the goddess Flora. Another single flower vase of this shape with serpent handles can be found in the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge (inventory number C.2603 & A-1928), illustrated in figure 6. This flower holder also consists of four parts, with the bulbous vase painted in a European Baroque style with architectural elements, obelisks, vases, mascarons, and figures. The vase measures 108.3 cm (42.6 inches) in height and is marked for Adrianus Kocx. A third single flower vase is in the collection of Uppark (South Harting, Petersfield, West Sussex), The National Trust, Meade-Fetherstonhaugh Collection (inventory number NT/UPP/C/11(1-4)). The vase is 96.5 cm high and is also marked for Adrianus Kocx. The bulbous vase is painted with fine floral and foliate work and various scenes of playing children and putti, inspired by prints by Jacques Stella. A pair of unmarked flower vases, acquired from the firm Aronson in 1976, illustrated in figure 7, can be found in the Prinsenhof Museum in Delft (inventory number PDA 135 I and II). The bulbous vases of the pair, standing at 102 cm in height, are painted with lush floral bouquets, similar to this example.

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