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⚠️  Please note that TEFAF Maastricht announced their new dates and will be held from June 25 through 30, 2022. New dates for The Winter Show (New York) will be announced shortly.
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D2171. Blue and White Puzzle Jug

Delft, dated 1737

The spherical body painted with four large panels with either a flitting insect above flowering branches, a Chinese man holding a tiger-like creature on a leash, an exotic bird perched on flowering branches growing behind a garden fence, or a ship flanked by smaller ships sailing on the sea, and alternating with three smaller panels with a trellis diaper ground reserved with a flowerhead between two smaller lappets decorated with a flowering plant, the blue neck pierced with four blossoms and one flowerhead amidst dots, the blue dot- pierced rim encircled with a leaf and ribbon-decorated tube affixed with three bulbous nozzles and continuing into the hollow loop handle decorated with beribboned Chinese symbols, scrolls and dots.

Height: 21.2 cm. (8.3 in.)

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