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D2171. Blue and White Puzzle Jug

Delft, dated 1737

The spherical body painted with four large panels with either a flitting insect above flowering branches, a Chinese man holding a tiger-like creature on a leash, an exotic bird perched on flowering branches growing behind a garden fence, or a ship flanked by smaller ships sailing on the sea, and alternating with three smaller panels with a trellis diaper ground reserved with a flowerhead between two smaller lappets decorated with a flowering plant, the blue neck pierced with four blossoms and one flowerhead amidst dots, the blue dot- pierced rim encircled with a leaf and ribbon-decorated tube affixed with three bulbous nozzles and continuing into the hollow loop handle decorated with beribboned Chinese symbols, scrolls and dots.

Height: 21.2 cm. (8.3 in.)

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