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D1893. Polychrome Garniture

Delft, circa 1790

Each vase marked with a claw, L.S. and numeral 80 in manganese for Lambertus Sanderus, the owner of De Klaauw (The Claw) factory from 1763 to 1806

Comprising three baluster-form vases and covers and a pair of beaker vases; each piece octagonal and painted on the front in blue, yellow, green, iron-red and manganese with a perched parrot and a small dog, within a molded blue cartouche issuing a large manganese flower head at the top and an iron-red flower at the bottom, the reverse with a large leafy branch, and the covers painted with a landscape scene within the blue molded cartouche issuing a manganese demi- flowerhead on the front, a green leafy branch on the reverse, and surmounted by a manganese winged green parrot pecking at a yellow fruit.

Heights: 25.5 and 35.8 cm. (10 and 14.1 in.)

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