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⚠️  Please note that TEFAF Maastricht announced their new dates and will be held from June 25 through 30, 2022. New dates for The Winter Show (New York) will be announced shortly.
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D1892. Polychrome Orangist Charger

Delft, circa 1790

Painted in the center with the royal portrait of William V, Prince of Orange, depicted in profile with an iron-red delineated face wearing a manganese wig and blue uniform with a yellow and iron-red sash, anked by the letters ‘PWD5’ for Prins Willem de Vijfde (Prince William the Fifth) and orange stems, all beneath the verse: ‘Siet wat hier van Agtren Staat’ (See what is written on the reverse), the rim with a tricolor border, and the reverse painted with the verse: ‘Bit voor u Vorst wenst heem Geen kwaat’ (Pray for your Prince, do not wish him any harm).


Diameter: 34.9 cm. (13.7 in.)

Provenance: Dutch Private Collection

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