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street vendor polychrome figure


• D1879. Polychrome Figure of a Street Vendor

Delft, circa 1760

Modeled standing wearing a manganese tricorn hat and green coat, holding a tray strapped over his shoulder, painted with his wares including spectacles, scissors and combs balanced upon an ochre-yellow staff, the square base with chamfered corners painted to simulate paving stones.

Height 23.8 cm. (9.4 in.)


J.L. Laverge, Rotterdam, through 1942;
Frederik Muller & Co., Amsterdam, De verzameling van wijlen de heer J.L. Laverge, Rotterdam, lot 626 (ill.), June 4, 1942;
Firma S.E. Mossel, Amsterdam, through 1952; Frederik Muller & Co., Amsterdam, Liquidation de la collection de feu M. Meier Mossel, March 13, 1952, lot 404 (ill.), sold for . 1,200;
The Joseph M. Morpurgo Collection, Amsterdam


Illustrated in C. Lahaussois, Delfts Aardewerk, Paris 2008, p. 181, ill. no. 8;Illustrated in a photograph from 1952, in J.F. Heijbroek & A.Th.P van Griensven, Kunst, kennis en kwaliteit, Zwolle, 2007, p. 126; Koninklijke VHOK, Uit de Kunst!, Amsterdam, 2011, p. 107.



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