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Thank you for your visit at The Winter Show in New York and at Art Affair in Amsterdam.
From June 25 through 30 we will exhibit at TEFAF Maastricht.
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D1877. Pair of Polychrome Figures of Dervishes

Delft, circa 1740

Each wearing a blue turban, a colorful flowered blue bodice with a blue-flowered triangular panel at the back, and a green skirt patterned with iron-red dots and stars below an iron-red waistband decorated with yellow leaves, his iron-red and yellow slippers revealed at the front, and modeled tapping his head with the yellow baton held in his raised right hand, his left arm akimbo, and standing on a manganese mound above a hexagonal plinth with a blue caillouté top and a yellow-edged iron-red-ground border of blue foliage on the sides above green and blue bands around the foot rim.

Heights: 25 cm. (9.8 in.)

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