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From Monday Jan. 20th through Monday Feb. 3rd we will be in New York for The Winter Show. During that time you may also reach us on cell 646-415-2561.


• D1848. Polychrome Oval Butter Tub and Recumbent Deer Cover

Delft, circa 1770

Marked AP in iron-red for Anthonij Pennis, the owner of De Twee Scheepjes (The Two Ships) factory from 1750 to 1770, or his widow Pennis-Overgaauw, the owner of the factory from 1770 to 1782

Painted around the exterior of the tureen with a oral band consisting of large yellow and manganese flower heads, green leaves and iron-red flowers and sprigs beneath the scalloped and barbed rim, the low domed grassy green cover surmounted by a recumbent deer with a manganese delineated and spotted coat, and manganese horns, ears, eyes and hooves.

Height: 12.5 cm. (4.9 in.); Length: 12.9 cm. (5.1 in.)

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