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From Monday Jan. 20th through Monday Feb. 3rd we will be in New York for The Winter Show. During that time you may also reach us on cell 646-415-2561.


D1838. Polychrome Puzzle Jug

Delft, circa 1750

The spherical body painted in blue with a hunting scene of a figure holding a spear and five dogs chasing a bull between trees, in the distance a church tower, windmills and other buildings within a cartouche formed by yellow, manganese and iron-red flowers, green leaves and yellow scrollwork on either side extending toward a blue landscape scene within a yellow cartouche beneath the floral-decorated tubular loop handle, its upper end affixed to a channel at the rim, its flowering vine border interrupted by three trumpet-shaped nozzles with crimped edges, the cylindrical neck below with an iron-red ground pierced between an elaborate design of green foliage and one yellow shell flanked by two yellow flower heads.

Height: 22.1 cm. (8.7 in.)

Provenance: The Collection of Baron Karl van Caloen, Loppem

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