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• D1812. Blue and White Kraak-Style Charger

Delft, circa 1680

Marked unidentifiably NDS, IVDS or AVDS in blue

Painted in the center with two ducks beneath a large peony tree on the bank of a river within an octafoil medallion reserved with alternating panels of a scaleworm and diaper work ground and surrounded on the cavetto and rim with four fan-shaped panels depicting motifs of a scroll or lantern on a tassel and ribbon, alternating with four fan-shaped floral panels, all separated by narrow panels of stylized flowerheads suspended between diaper work or fretwork vignettes, the underside with alternating circle and leaf devices within wide and narrow fan-shaped panels.

Diameter: 38.8 cm. (15.3 in.)

Provenance: Belgian Private Collection

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