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•D1635. Pair of Polychrome Butter Tubs and Figural Covers

Delft, circa 1770

Marked L.S. on one and a claw / L.S. / 6 on the other for Lambertus Sanderus, the owner of De Klaauw (The Claw) factory from 1763 to 1806

Each circular tub molded in relief with six manganese or blue stems of green leavesand yellow and iron-red flowers or yellow and manganese buds surrounded byblue tendrils, the covers each surmounted by a blue-haired lad wearing a green coat patterned with blue scrolls over manganese breeches and boots, seated on a grassy base molded with blossoms and an iron-red-striped yellow cone, and extending either his right hand to pat a recumbent lamb with a blue-wooly coat, or his left hand in which is held an iron-red apple above an oval basket of peaches and carrots.

Heights: 14.5 and 14.3 cm. (5 11/16 and 5 5⁄8 in.)

Provenance: Dutch Private Collection



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