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•D1567. Pair of Polychrome Butter Tubs and Figural Covers

Delft, 1765-70

Each circular tub painted in manganese and green with three large sprigs of roses alternating with three small sprigs of buds and leaves beneath the green-edged scroll-molded rim, the nearly at covers with a blue-washed ground painted in green with scattered leaves and at the edge leafy plants and surmounted by a fishmonger and his fishwife, each seated on a blue mound, the man wearing a dark manganese hat and shoes and a yellow neckerchief and apron over a green coat with blue buttons, a yellow scabbard on his waist at the back, his left hand supporting a large green, blue an iron-red scaly fish and holding a manganese key in his right hand, the lady wearing an iron-red-edged yellow cap and bodice, a green skirt and a manganese apron and shoes, her left hand on her right knee and her right hand pointing to the small blue fish partially concealed under a manganese cloth over the yellow basket to her right.

Height: 15.4 cm. (6 1/16 in.)

Provenance: The Gustav Leonhardt Collection, Property from the Bartolli House, Amsterdam



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