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From Monday Jan. 20th through Monday Feb. 3rd we will be in New York for The Winter Show. During that time you may also reach us on cell 646-415-2561.


D1359. Polychrome ‘Commedia dell’Arte’ Figure of Mezzetin with a Viola da Gamba

Delft, circa 1740

Wearing a manganese-shaded voluminous beret, ruffled collar, jacket and breeches, his yellow-cuffed and belted jacket patterned with yellow, blue and green floral sprigs and concealed at the back under a yellow-lined cape striped in pale manganese, green and yellow, his manganese shoes with yellow bows, and modeled smiling broadly, holding a yellow viola da gamba in his left hand, a blue bow in his right, and striding across a rounded square base edged in yellow and pale manganese.

Height: 24.8 cm. (5 3/4 in.)

Sold at Paul Brandt Amsterdam, November 25-28, 1969, lot 776

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