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• D1016. Blue and White Plaque

Delft, circa 1750

Painted with young men skating, two pushing ladies in ice sleighs, and another kneeling to adjust his stocking on a frozen river with a man wielding an axe on the right bank in the foreground and another bearing a bundle of wheat and crossing a bridge between slightly exotic tower buildings on the banks beyond; the self-molded frame with an inner ‘cracked-ice’ border within a wider blue ground border of blossoms and foliate scrolls interrupted at the top and bottom with a panel of a beribboned Chinese artemisia leaf, and at the corners flanking the rounded ends with smaller panels of oriental flowers, the top surmounted by a fan-shaped fluted pediment pierced with a circular suspension hole, the reverse glazed.

Height: 24.3 (9 9/16 in.)
Length: 26.7 cm. (10 1/2 in.)



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