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•D1422. Pair of Blue and White Silver-Shape Candlesticks

Delft, circa 1700

Each with an unidentifed squiggle mark in blue, probably imitating the essay mark on silver

Each with a flat bobêche encircled around the nozzle with a ruyi-head border and supported on a cylindrical shaft with a foliate-striped border at the top pierced on one side with a slit for wax extraction above a blue ground reserved with two quatrefoil panels painted with a oral sprig and alternating with a small diamond device between a pair of leaves, the central knop with four ruyi-head-shaped panels of lotus blossoms and scrolls with leaf and blossom motifs between and encircled below with a ruyi-head-and-dart border, the domed foot with a trelliswork ground reserved with four oval panels of oral sprigs above a dart border on the footrim.

Heights: 18.4 and 19 cm. (7 1/4 and 7 1/2 in.)



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