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• D1421. Blue and White Seven-Piece Pyramidal Flower Vase

Delft, circa 1690

Marked with an incised Greek A and number 1 in blue on the interior of the three middle tiers, an incised 8 (B or g) and number 2 in blue on the interior of the bottom tier, number 2 in blue on the interior and exterior of the second tier, and number 2 in blue on the top of the base

The hexagonal base molded on each side with an architectural arch-shaped slightly recessed panel painted three panels the cherubs seated and embracing beneath columns between bordered with foliage, and the slightly canted upper and lower borders with a blue ground reserved with blossoms, leaves and scrolls, the footrim with a demi-ruyi-head band above six claw-and-ball feet, encircled by six triangular lotus and scroll ornaments in the interstices between six blue-spotted recumbent frogs supporting the six hexagonal tiers above; each tier with six open-mouthed animal heads forming the spouts, their necks encircled with two molded bands of circlets, and painted between each on the lowest tier with a peacock plants, on the third tier with a bird perched on a rock clusters beneath ruyi-head panels, on the second tier ruyi-head devices, and on the top tier with ruyi heads above small oval panels inscribed with pseudo-Chinese characters and the spouts encircling a raised pedestal surmounted by an ovoid vase painted above and below a molded central rib with a bird perched or in flight amidst flowering plants.

Height: 98 cm. (38 7/16 in.)



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