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D223. Polychrome and Gilded Armorial Plate

Delft, circa 1735

Marked APK in iron red for Pieter Kocx, the owner of De Grieksche A (The Greek A) Factory from 1701 to 1703, or his widow Johanna van der Heul, the owner of the factory from 1703 to 1722

The center painted in shades of blue and in white, iron-red, green, manganese and ochre with the coat of arms Lord Clifford, Count of Burlington, and the polychrome and gilded rim with a border of five trellis diaper-patterned panels edged in scrolls and alternating with five baskets of flowers between leaf-scroll devices within a brown edge.

Diameter: 21.8 cm. (8.6 in.)


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