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D8252. Polychrome Chinoiserie Large Dish


Delft, circa 1740

Painted with a bird perched in a pine tree above two figures bearing vessels, standing in a pavilion and observing a Long Eliza holding a rabbit and standing beside a garden fence, precipitous rockwork and flowering plants on which are perched two birds, one of them eying a flitting insect, the rim with a green-ground floral and foliate border.

Diameter: 34.4 cm. (13 9/16 in.)




In Delft most factories produced both a high-end line of decorative objects and useful wares and a low- end selection of common utensils, which, ironically, are rarer today because they were used, worn out or damaged and then irreverently thrown away. What has survived today are generally the higher-end objects, in general more beautiful, always more loved, admired and cared for by generations of owners. It is often the case of the surviving Delftware plates. These decorative objects were intended to be displayed on etageres, in glass cabinets or on walls. Some of the plates may have been part entire services commissioned to the Delft potters and were used only on rare occasions.


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