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D1347. Polychrome Figure of a Seated Lady


Delft, circa 1755

Marked with a claw and numeral 3 in manganese for De Klaauw (The Claw) factory

Possibly allegorical of ‘Summer’ from a set of ‘The Four Seasons,’ wearing a blue broad-brimmed hat on her manganese hair, a green bodice with a blue stomacher above an aubergine skirt revealing one yellow shoe, modeled seated on a blue, iron-red and yellow marbleized rock, leaning against a sheaf of yellow wheat, and holding a carrot in her right hand and three fruits her left hand, on a green stepped oval base.

Height: 13.4 cm. (5 1/4 in.)



The figure, wearing a blue broad-brimmed hat, leaning against a sheaf of yellow wheat, and holding three fruits in her hand and eating a carrot, possibly represents the allegorical figure of ‘Summer’. In the Delft factories not only ‘Summer’ was produced, but the whole set of ‘The Four Seasons’. The Four Seasons are an ancient decorative motif in the arts. Usually each season is represented as an allegorical figure bearing traditional iconographic symbols. The Delft figures of ‘Spring’, ‘Autumn’ and ‘Winter’ all seasons were modeled in the same way as the present figure of ‘Summer’: as men and women holding specific attributes of the season. As can be seen in this figure ‘Summer’ is often shown with sheafs of wheat to illustrate the labor and product of the wheat harvest, which is done in the summer. Wheat can either be planted in the winter or the spring, to be harvested at the beginning or the very end of summer.

The Ivan B. Hart Collection, Monte Carlo, number 219

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